Małgorzata Sulewska-Czarnecka

Art Photographer, Poland

Art Photographer Małgorzata Sulewska-Czarnecka

I am an art master and a teacher by education. In my work, I try to combine painting with photography. As an experienced photographer, I also design artistic backdrops for studio sessions as Black Drop Factory (

I have always been interested in photography (since Highschool) but in a different form - I played with camera obscura, luxography, black and white photography (mainly act), and video… In addition to photography, I have always dealt with painting, which at some point became my main hobby, until my little daughter Oliwia came into the world.

Since then - my passion is connected with children's photography, and it has become my job. I don’t paint pictures anymore, but I try to sneak some painting into my photography and backdrops. Especially when it comes to fine art portrait pictures that I have started to introduce for two years. I'm inspired by such masters as Rembrandt, Vermeer, Caravaggio etc.

I prepare myself individually to each session. I spend a lot of time to create a new (often self-prepared) stage design, decoration, scenery, and clothes. I try to make everything different and exceptional for each person because each of us is unique and ultimate. I have been awarded many times as a photographer in competitions such as - 35 Awards, This Magazinie, Child Photo Competition, Art of Portrait Photography, Gallery of Refined Art.

In the international 7tH 35 AWARDS competition, I won the first place in the world as a photographer in the Children's Photography Category of the Year 2021. One of the photos was published in the competition winners catalog. In the international MIFA Photography Competition 2022 in the Professional Fine Art Photographer of the Year category, I won gold and several awards. In the international competition, 8th FAPA Fine Art Photography Awards (organized in London) in the Professional Fine Art Photographer of the Year category, I was nominated for the main award and a white badge with a certificate.