Marina Kvitko

Marketing Specialist, Latvia

Marketing Specialist Marina Kvitko

Thanks to my great love for photography, as well as my knowledge and experience, which is no less than 5 years of work in the marketing and sales department of Procter & Gamble, training in smm, production training at the Netherlands Institute of Marketing, I moved to Latvia.

For 6 years I have been building my photography business here. In a city of 65,000 people I have conducted more than 300 shoots during this time. More than 500 students have gone through my photography training programmes.

I am a system person. The most important thing for me in my work is to put together an algorithm that works like clockwork. Where you enjoy what you do, know to whom and how to sell it, how to scale without burning out and without devaluing yourself, while remaining a woman, mother, and wife.