Anastassia Ushkova

Newborn and Baby Photographer

NewbornFest 2024 Organizer

Newborn and Baby Photographer Anastassia Ushkova

It fills me with immense joy and a touch of emotion to announce that this year, not only am I the organizer of Newbornfest, but I will also be joining the esteemed panel of speakers. This opportunity is a testament to my deep dive into newborn photography since 2017, and I am thrilled to have the chance to share the insights and experiences I've gathered along the way.

What truly warms my heart is the sense of community within the world of newborn photographers. It's remarkable how we've grown to be more than just colleagues; we've become a close-knit family bound by kindness and sincerity—qualities that are essential in capturing the essence of newborns.

Words can only convey so much, so I eagerly await the opportunity to showcase my work through the powerful language of imagery at NewbornFest. And I'm equally excited for my personal workshop, where together, we'll create images that are not just seen but felt. Images that, I hope, will give you goosebumps. See you there!