Agustin Camino Beta

Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photographer Agustin Camino Beta

From a very young age I have grown in front of the camera. My mother, a big photography enthusiast, immortalized my entire childhood film roll after film roll, which became a collection of great memories and unrepeatable memories.

My path in photography has always gone hand in hand with her, who gave me my first camera and who encouraged me and accompanied me to continue learning to improve in this wonderful art.

Little by little, friends were getting pregnant and having babies and as they knew my passion for photography they asked me to help them remember those special moments in their lives with photos. And that is when my great adventure in newborn photography began.

In 2020 I opened my own studio where I specialize in newborn and baby photography. Since then, I have not stopped improving my technique, training with renowned national and international photographers, such as Bea Pastor, Alba Soler, Kristina Reche, Daniela Ursache, Carmen Peralta, Massiel Machuca, Charlotte Gamache, Amalia Luput and Le Photograp. I have also received several awards for my newborn photos in the prestigious BPA and AFNS awards and I have participated as a speaker and teacher in workshops and conventions in Europe.

My style of photography is characterized by clean and simple images, without excessive props, with a rustic and organic style that incorporates natural elements, using soft and natural-looking lighting.